Hello everyone. So I’ve finished another one-shot called Last Mech Standing, and am posting a chapter a day until all 8 chapters are up. I wrote it in the span of a few days, while I was halfway through writing Episode 5 of Rise of the Decepticons: Imbalance of Power, which I am going back to finish now.

The idea for Last Mech Standing, if you want to know, was distracting me so I had to get it out of my head. It goes something like this: what would happen if we were to take two diametrically different characters (Starscream and Scavenger) and put them in a situation together… that forced them to play a deadly game… against a bunch of other strange or dangerous characters… and with no obvious way of escape… in a race against time? How would the two Heroic Decepticons deal with such a situation?

I originally intended for it to be more of a horror, but it didn’t turn out quite that way. Still, it contains plenty of violence and psychotic characters doing psychotic things. Essentially, it’s a psychological thriller, and yes it is the darkest fic I have written thus far. But please don’t worry if it isn’t your thing – it doesn’t mean that my writing style has changed or become darker or anything like that… nah. I’m still perfectly capable of writing fluffier stuff. I just felt like taking a temporary detour, and delving into something a bit more “adult”. As a fan fiction writer, I like to explore all genres and experiment with different themes and styles. However, if you would like me to write more horror/thrillers for the Heroic Decepticons, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Oh, and besides, who doesn’t want to hear Starscream use the f word and other human expletives freely? Well, I think it’s fun to let him swear, anyway. 😀

On the opposite end of the scale, Imbalance of Power is an important episode in helping to establish some of the reasons behind much of the events that occur in later episodes and series for the Heroic Decepticons, in particular it provides some essential groundwork for the basis of the wars that will be fought against the Autobots later on, including the Great Wars that will take place after the series Rise of the Decepticons ends. This episode offers a number of important insights into the political and economic climate of the time, and correlates the seemingly unrelated energy crisis and resulting planet-wide shutdown with the imbalance of power and corruption that exists among Cybertron’s ruling elite. It is due to be published sometime next week, so look out for it and don’t forget to let me know what you all think.

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