Character Profile: Vortex

Character name: Vortex

Affiliation: Decepticon

RPG Stats:

Function: Infiltrator/Warrior
Rank: 4
Alignment: Loyal Good
Vital Points (Start) (Endurance x 10): 70

Alt mode: Combiner, helicopter: +5
Strength: +7
Intelligence: +9
Agility/Speed: +5
Endurance: +7
Courage: +7
Skill: +8

Total Skills Points: +60

Semi-automatic glue gun: 10 uses available. +5
Cannon: 10 rounds available. +7

Battle Stats:
Total Armor Class (12 + class bonus + armor bonus): 14
Attack Power (Skill + Speed): 13
Maximum (Start) Evasive Manoeuvres: 5

Class Feats (Infiltrator):

  • Change signature: Can change sub-group signature at will (cannot have two signatures at the same time).

Class Feats (Warrior):

  • Weapon proficiency: Melee and Standard ranged weapons. Allows 3 attacks per round.
  • Improved armor proficiency: +2 to Armor Class.


Vortex is a Combaticon, and combines with his fellow Combaticons to form Bruticus (left arm). Vortex is highly intelligent and skilled in the art of interrogation, with a knack for uncovering the true motivations and mental states of his subjects. A little eccentric, yet also high-spirited, Vortex enjoys finding out what makes others tick – a very useful skill when dealing with the enemy, as he’ll often use their own weaknesses against them, and will also employ various tactics to influence them into giving up any secret. Often times, the enemy isn’t even aware of what is going on until it is too late! By the same token, he can use his special talents to help his fellow Decepticons deal with their own doubts or insecurities by revealing to them the psychological basis for their problems and then offering them pertinent advice.

Back Story:

Vortex and the Combaticons first joined the Decepticons when they helped Starscream and his trine rescue Megatron from the cell block in Iacon’s Command Center, where they were also being held as prisoners. Vortex’s willingness to experience life on the wilder side has landed him and his team mates in trouble on a number of occasions – that is, until they joined the Decepticons, where he was finally able to channel his high energy and naturally inquisitive mind into more constructive pursuits, such as helping the Decepticon cause.


“Don’t let the enemy know you better than you know yourself.”

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