Just a heads up to let everyone know that I am in the process of going through my published stories, one by one, and updating them as needed. If you see a note at the top, something like this: *Revised 09/07/2019* it means that the story has been updated. Revisions may include:

  • Improvements in punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure (minor changes).
  • Minor changes in dialogue or descriptions, for clarity.
  • Minor story changes, for continuity.
  • All references to an Australian Decepticon base will be replaced with references to the North American mainland, or similar. I originally wanted the Decepticon base to be located in Australia, but for the reasons of reconciling continuity issues with other stories, as well as other reasons, I have now decided against this.
  • In the story Before We Were Famous, I have decided to replace the name “Windblade” with “Windspeed”. This is a major change which I was reluctant to make at first, but after giving it some thought I have decided that it will be for the best. The main reason for this change is basically to avoid any confusion with the Autobot canon character of the same name. The Windblade in this story is (or was) most definitely not the Autobot Windblade who is currently gracing our screens, but a Decepticon OC who happened to share her name. So unfortunately, she will no longer be using this name, so that there is no confusion in the minds of readers. (In a similar fashion, the character Knockout in this story is also an OC, and is not the Knockout from Prime, in case you were wondering.)

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