Oooooooookaaaay… and Chapter 18 of Heroes is up! Whew. Thank you to all the readers who continue to show an interest in this story. It is far from being completed, so there’s still a lot more to happen and look forward to. At the risk of sounding cliché, if you have any comments, questions, criticisms, or words of encouragement, even if it’s just a single word, please don’t be shy to leave a review, or send me an email or private message. I welcome all honest feedback, mainly because it helps me know how the story is going and how much interest in it there is out there.

Alright, now, so what’s happening next? The next chapter of Before We Were Famous needs to be completed, so that’ll be next. Oh, and I might also add another art work on DeviantArt, and post some more stuff on my blog. What else… I’m working on a T.C.-centered one shot which I think you will find to be a little on the unusual side? Though enjoyable nonetheless, I hope. Then there’s the next episode of the Rise of the Decepticons series, as well as the beginning of a collection of ficlets based upon each Heroic Decepticon’s motto. Until then, however, I hope you enjoy Heroes: Chapter 18.

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