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The Journey into Vector Sigma Part 1

Summary: When the Key to Vector Sigma is stolen by Thunderwing, the Decepticons set out on a mission to find him.

This is the first in a three-parter, Episodes 6 – 8 of the series Rise of the Decepticons. The title, The Journey into Vector Sigma, alludes to the events that will unfold in parts 2 and 3, but this first part is focused more on the adventures leading up to those events. This episode could have been titled The Key to Vector Sigma just as well.

Without giving too much away, the journey begins when Thunderwing steals the fabled Key from a museum in Iacon, leaving death and destruction in his wake. The story steadily picks up pace and hopefully by the end of part 1 has left the reader (you) wanting to continue reading on to part 2. There are several canonical references that have been reimagined for the Heroic Decepticons Universe, including a rebooting, if you will, of many G1 characters and their histories, from both the cartoon and the comics verse.

As with typical action/adventure, “made-for-TV” cartoon episodes, this one is no different – it contains fast paced action, one-liners, drama, suspense, surprises, and big explosions, and is written specifically for a general audience.

Episode 6 introduces a slew of new characters that are mentioned for the first time in the Heroic Decepticons Universe including Thunderwing, as well as the insufferable Nacelle (who you can’t help but feel sorry for, the poor sap). It also sees the return of others including Optronix, Hot Rod and the cadets, and Alphia Trion. As a side story, this episode is a turning point for Optronix in particular, which (without giving away any spoilers) will become more important as time goes on.

You can read Rise of the Decepticons – Episode 6: The Journey into Vector Sigma Part 1 at or Lexicon.

The Spark Trap

The spark trap is a very old, previously long lost artefact of highly mysterious origins and with an obscure history. All we know for sure about it is that:

  1. It is legendary, and ancient;
  2. It was originally forged or used by early Autobots;
  3. It possesses the power to trap sparks.

If you want to find out exactly what happens when Scavenger takes possession of it, you can read my new short story entitled The Spark Trap, posted at: and Lexicon.

Spoiler ahead…

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Rise of the Decepticons Episode 4: Return of the Stunticons deleted scene

It was already late into the afternoon by the time Wildrider and the rest of the Stunticons made it back to Decepticon headquarters. The battering they’d received from Black Shadow’s goons had slowly them down significantly, as they were no longer able to transform into their vehicle modes without appropriate repairs and a refuel. They had considered contacting the base for assistance, but then had thought better of it – the damage they’d sustained was not critical and besides, the last thing they wanted to do was to earn the disapproval of higher ranking Decepticons more than they already had.

Unfortunately, they would not be able to avoid the critical optics and curious glances being cast their way as they sidled into the Central Tower and up a level to the Constructicons’ work shop to see whether any of them would be able to spare a few moments to help them with their repairs.

Hook simply took one look at them and shook his head before returning to his work, allowing Scrapper to deal with them instead. “Congratulations; you four have made it onto the news broadcasts,” he commented in a casual manner, without looking for their response.

Scrapper was more reserved with his reaction, though the Stunticons could tell that he was surprised by the state of their physical condition, even with his face mask. After a long moment, he motioned with a hand for Wildrider and his three team mates to lie down on one of the empty berths against the back wall, where a small space of the work shop had been allotted for emergency repairs.

As they began to make their way towards the back of the room, Breakdown paused to speak to him. “Hey, we’re sorry about what Blackjack did. We had no idea he was planning on… you know… stealing those plans.”

The Constructicon leader ignored his comment; instead, he began to connect Wildrider up to a monitor, and then retrieved a small tool from his work bench. Powering it up, he began to work on the worst parts of the mech’s frame. Finally he glanced back towards Breakdown, who had sat himself down on the berth beside Wildrider’s as Hook made his way over to begin work on him. “Where’s Blackjack?” he asked simply, sounding more curious than anything else.

Breakdown shrugged. “No idea. Haven’t seen him since this morning.”

“He really should be careful out there, what with the recent riots in Kaon,” Hook said, offering his advice.

Scrapper nodded in agreement before returning his attention to completing the repair work in silence.

The Nemesis Army


TITLE Summary Links
Rise of the Decepticons – Episode 1: The Nemesis Army Part 1 Heroic Decepticons AU. Episode 1 in series: Rise of the Decepticons, Part 1 of 3.
Sentinel Prime takes a promising student under his wing, while Lord Straxus sends his new army to invade Iacon.


Rise of the Decepticons – Episode 2: The Nemesis Army Part 2 Heroic Decepticons AU. Episode 2 in series: Rise of the Decepticons, Part 2 of 3.
As the battle to save Iacon continues, the Decepticons discover how the Nemesis Army was created.


Rise of the Decepticons – Episode 3: The Nemesis Army Part 3 Heroic Decepticons AU. Episode 3 in series: Rise of the Decepticons, Part 3 of 3.
The conclusion of The Nemesis Army. Now in control of the Nemesis Army, Nemesis Prime is determined to fulfil his destiny and rule Cybertron.



Code of Honour

Summary: Thundercracker sets the record straight about events from his past while awaiting rescue on an asteroid. It features Thundercracker, with supporting characters Kup, Springer and Blitzwing.

This story is a spinoff from an episode of an upcoming series, but can be read as a standalone story. It will also link to an upcoming episode of the series Rise of the Decepticons.

I wanted to write a story that focuses on Thundercracker as the heroic Decepticon. The canonical issue of the question of his loyalty eventually came up and I felt that it was important to address it. Though this trait was only mentioned in his original profile (never in the cartoon), it has nevertheless spawned a plethora of fan fiction highlighting this particular aspect of his character.

I wanted to dispel this myth.

You can read Code of Honour at or Lexicon.

The French Bug

The French Bug available to read at or Lexicon.

Autobots and Decepticons alike are plagued by a strange affliction. Will they be able to reverse its effects before it’s too late?

I really need to get on to some more serious fics, but this idea was bugging me to write it so I did. You don’t have to know a lot of French to enjoy this story, though it’ll definitely help! You’ll also enjoy it more if you know what the characters all sound like in their G1 voices. Then all you need is a touch of the imagination…


Here are the English translations for the (mostly) French dialogue used in the story:

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Trouble in Paradise

My new story, Trouble in Paradise, is complete and can be found at or Lexicon.

Summary: Swindle attempts to solve a mystery, and help the Decepticons earn a place in Paradise.

Trouble in Paradise is not only my first detective story, but it is also the first story that I have written in the first person. Swindle is the central character, and because I was able to convey his direct thoughts and feelings, you’ll find that there is a little bit of bias against the Autobots as he, and the Decepticons in general, see them as rivals and will make fun of them any chance they get. Of course, the Autobots most certainly like to do the same to them!

Swindle is one of my favorite Decepticons. I think he has an intriguing and multi-faceted personality, and thought that he would be perfectly suited to detective fiction. I do intend to write more for this genre in future, and will probably be using other central characters, but I do like Swindle and he will definitely be returning to star in future stories.

Paradise Planet was used in the G1 Japanese cartoon Headmasters, though I’ve disregarded the canonical story completely, and added original characters (Representatives Mabus, Karlin and Gadrin, Commissioner Balek, Ambassador Shantar, Talak Ren, Solan, and Tora) for this story. ‘Paradisia’ and ‘Orbita’ are also original names.

If you enjoyed this story, be sure to leave a review or comment!

Transformers: Heroes Chapter Summaries

Synopsis: A century ago, the eons-old war between the Autobots and the Decepticons suddenly and inexplicably came to an end. Since then, many have gone their separate ways, whilst others still hold onto the bitter memories of war. Now, as Autobots and Neutrals join forces in a new directive to capture every Decepticon still left alive, it appears that the Autobots will finally get their chance to even the score, and defeat their enemies once and for all. But when they become the target of seemingly random, yet terrifying attacks, some begin to realize that the enemy may be much closer to home than anyone could have ever imagined.

Inspired by, well, the axed Heroes, and also Lost. Not the story lines or characters (it’s not a Crossover) but in the way those shows are presented, with particular emphasis on suspense, action, drama, and the inclusion of character flash backs/back stories, all while revealing the final plot and final revelation bit by bit – and, not to mention, a huge cast (as in Lost)! I really enjoyed those shows so I thought I’d try my hand at a similar writing style for this Transformers story. So far, I think it’s working out pretty well.

It’s an ongoing saga, aimed at an adult audience. It is in-depth and complex (and long). It aims to explore the motivations and intricacies surrounding the ongoing conflict between the Autobots (and, more recently, the Alliance – a collaboration between Autobots and Neutrals) and the Decepticons. I may organize it later on into a number of Arcs, to make it easier to read or follow before it gets impossibly long.

CHAPTER Summary Links
1 In this introductory chapter, the stage is set and some major players are introduced, as well as some important locations. Elita One is fed up with her current mission and returns to Cybertron. Megatron boldly confronts Optimus Prime about the Autobot-Neutral Alliance, but the latter is determined to abide by High Council directives. Sideswipe and Arcee unexpectedly cross paths, while Red Alert asks Ratchet some difficult questions regarding events surrounding the Dark Plague. Optimus does some soul searching and reassesses current events before making an unusual request of one of his most trusted officers.


2 On Alternity City, five Decepticon jets infiltrate the Subterranean Base to deliver a message, and avoid capture thanks to unexpected help. On Cybertron, Optimus informs his team of the High Council’s new directive, while Elita requests a new mission. Jazz begins his investigation, while Ratchet surprises Red Alert with a promotion. The mini-bots are introduced, and a fun night out helps bring out some resentments.


3 In a bold move, Elita One takes matters into her own hands and defies authority. Prowl discovers the horrific assault of an Autobot, which leads to an arrest, and a friendly femme returns to Iacon Central.


4 Arcee finds her calling, whilst Groove’s life is left in Red Alert’s care. Jazz interrogates a Decepticon prisoner and begins to suspect his innocence, but when the High Council interferes with an expedited conviction, he takes extreme action in a desperate attempt to save the prisoner’s life. Meanwhile on Alternity City, Jhiaxus’ assistant is forced to leave the Base against his will, and Elita One is faced with a crisis.


5 Jazz pulls off an incredible feat with some unlikely help. Rook is forced to confront some long buried truths, and must make a decision that will change his life forever.


6 Ratchet is tormented by past memories and the loss of his best friend, while Jazz must face the consequences of his actions. Optimus Prime leads a new mission to secure Darkmount. Elita and her crew set up a temporary base, and Thunderblast meets up with a troubled seeker.


7 On Alternity City, a bounty hunter corners his prey, whilst an unlikely ally helps Elita and her best friend acquire some much needed energy. Thunderblast has a run-in with a mysterious mech and his companion. On Cybertron, the team of Autobots led by Optimus Prime find themselves in a most unexpected situation, while an estranged Autobot warrior discovers some disturbing truths about the Alliance.


8 Groove is hanging on to life by a thread. Sideswipe returns to Iacon Central only to be met with resistance, but is given a message which will change the course of his life. Optimus must make a difficult decision. An old enemy shows up in Binaltech, but the resulting skirmish helps resolve a matter of trust.


9 Ratchet and Hot Rod experience puzzling visions, as Optimus Prime begins to question some long-held beliefs. Jazz searches for some answers from a former spy. On Alternity City, a dying Autobot unexpectedly crosses paths with a mysterious, lone Decepticon.


10 Optimus Prime confides in his former mentor about his doubts, while Sideswipe demands some answers in a confrontation with the leader of the Neutrals. Ratchet’s cryptic vision leads him to make an unexpected discovery. Jazz ventures into Decepticon territory, but his mission is jeopardized when a vengeful Streetwise interferes. On Alternity City, an Autobot and a Decepticon exchange truths as an unlikely friendship begins to develop, while Thunderblast is up to her usual tricks again.


11 A critical discovery could save Groove’s life, but it doesn’t come without a price as the rift between Jazz and the Autobots widens. Sideswipe must confront the consequences of his recent actions, while Ratchet reveals some startling evidence that could change recorded history. On Alternity City, a lone Autobot learns more about his unlikely ally, as the femmes indulge in a taste of city life.


12 In this chapter, the Autobots celebrate an important victory, and Jazz learns of the Decepticons’ plan to save their fallen comrades. Does Sentinel Prime come a little closer to achieving his goal? Meanwhile on Alternity City, a flirtatious femme experiences a rude awakening, while Elita One and her crew run across some bad luck.


13 A Decepticon fugitive and his Autobot ally continue their adventures as they visit a Neutral depot. Meanwhile, the femmes seek help from an unlikely source after the capture of their leader. Back on Cybertron, Ratchet seeks to make amends with a reinstated Sideswipe, and discovers a sinister plot to sabotage Groove’s memory of his attack. Optimus makes an unexpected announcement, which is met with disapproval.


14 Two separate revelations unlock past secrets, but many questions are still left unanswered. A successful mission into Quadrant Epsilon leads to a reunion, as well as a surprise rescue. Thunderblast’s past decisions catch up with her, causing her to re-evaluate her life. For Elita’s crew, an unexpected assailant causes Chromia to make a critical decision based on trust.


15 The successful restoration of Groove’s memory causes the senior medical officer to take drastic action, just before Sentinel makes his move. On Alternity City, our heroes are relentlessly pursued by Hitec’s Second-in-Command and his team of enforcers.


16 The pursuit on Alternity City comes to a head when Astro and the Decepticons are forced to battle Jhiaxus and his enforcers, but is it too late to save Comet from his evil clutches? Back on Cybertron, Jazz and the rescued chief Autobot engineer learn more about the Dark Plague’s origins and the true intention behind its creation.


17 Emotions run high as the Autobots in Iacon face the aftermath of Sentinel’s coordinated takeover. Optimus learns of Elita’s capture, as Sentinel seeks to win his trust. For Elita’s crew, there is renewed hope for the rescue of their femme commander, whilst their heartfelt reunion with Sunstreaker marks the beginning of a new chapter in his life.


18 As yet another Autobot becomes the latest victim to mysterious circumstances, the Aerialbots accept an offer to even the score against Devastator, but at what price? Elita encounters an old friend from her past, who gives her some important advice. On Alternity City, the Autobot femmes return to Koltar with the Decepticons. Meanwhile, Jazz gets ever closer to discovering the truth about how and why the Last Great War ended, as he questions Megatron about what really happened during the battle at Kaon.