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Rise of the Decepticons Episode 4: Return of the Stunticons deleted scene

It was already late into the afternoon by the time Wildrider and the rest of the Stunticons made it back to Decepticon headquarters. The battering they’d received from Black Shadow’s goons had slowly them down significantly, as they were no longer able to transform into their vehicle modes without appropriate repairs and a refuel. They had considered contacting the base for assistance, but then had thought better of it – the damage they’d sustained was not critical and besides, the last thing they wanted to do was to earn the disapproval of higher ranking Decepticons more than they already had.

Unfortunately, they would not be able to avoid the critical optics and curious glances being cast their way as they sidled into the Central Tower and up a level to the Constructicons’ work shop to see whether any of them would be able to spare a few moments to help them with their repairs.

Hook simply took one look at them and shook his head before returning to his work, allowing Scrapper to deal with them instead. “Congratulations; you four have made it onto the news broadcasts,” he commented in a casual manner, without looking for their response.

Scrapper was more reserved with his reaction, though the Stunticons could tell that he was surprised by the state of their physical condition, even with his face mask. After a long moment, he motioned with a hand for Wildrider and his three team mates to lie down on one of the empty berths against the back wall, where a small space of the work shop had been allotted for emergency repairs.

As they began to make their way towards the back of the room, Breakdown paused to speak to him. “Hey, we’re sorry about what Blackjack did. We had no idea he was planning on… you know… stealing those plans.”

The Constructicon leader ignored his comment; instead, he began to connect Wildrider up to a monitor, and then retrieved a small tool from his work bench. Powering it up, he began to work on the worst parts of the mech’s frame. Finally he glanced back towards Breakdown, who had sat himself down on the berth beside Wildrider’s as Hook made his way over to begin work on him. “Where’s Blackjack?” he asked simply, sounding more curious than anything else.

Breakdown shrugged. “No idea. Haven’t seen him since this morning.”

“He really should be careful out there, what with the recent riots in Kaon,” Hook said, offering his advice.

Scrapper nodded in agreement before returning his attention to completing the repair work in silence.