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Quick news and updates from the author, including the status of any stories in progress, as well as expected publish dates for new and upcoming stories.

Sorry about the reeaaaaallly long delay but, after MORE THAN A YEAR (0.0) since the last chapter update, Chapter 19 of Heroes is finally finished (although I did spend a whole month back in June revising the whole entire thing)! It will be posted in the next few days. It’s already gone through three proofreads so I just want to give it one final lookover. Right. Good-o.

By the way, here’s an excellent tip for all you writers out there: if you don’t have a beta reader (or patience) you can make the editing process much easier and more fun by using a good text-to-speech app to read your story back to you. Believe me, it helps you to pick up more errors, much faster.

Hi all! Good news: I’ve just broken the drought and published my first fan fic in over 6 months! Yay! As of right now, you can read and enjoy Rise of the Decepticons Episode 6: The Journey Into Vector Sigma Part 1. However, there’s no resting on laurels for me as there’s soooo much more I want to write! Okay, gotta go!

Useless trivia: I’ve just archived half a million words on haha. Wooohooo! 😀

This has been the longest I’ve been away from fan fiction, but I haven’t entirely disappeared. Nope. Amongst tutoring, forex trading and spending time with my lovely dog Stella, I’ve slowly started writing again, and look forward to posting Episode 6: The Journey Into Vector Sigma Part 1 (Rise of the Decepticons series) very soon. I also really want to get started on the next chapter of Heroes. It’s long overdue and I don’t want anyone to think that I’ve forgotten about it!
On another note, I’ve decided to leave Ozformers (OTCA) for good, so I will no longer be posting on those forums. Too much opinionated political commentary mainly from the admin lately for me to tolerate.

Finally, I find the following quote by Benjamin Franklin most appropriate during this current COVID-19 crisis:

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” – Ben Franklin

Hello to everyone who has been waiting for an update on a story, or who is checking in for a status update. So, good news and not-so-good news. The not-so-good news is that I have had to take a break from writing for two reasons; first, I’ve had to attend to some real life matters and second, the flow or energy channel, so to speak, has not been readily available to me as it normally is. However, the good news is that that does not mean that I have stopped writing. On the contrary, I plan to return to a regular schedule as soon as possible. Hopefully very soon.

On an unrelated note, Before We Were Famous is on hiatus until further notice.

Oooooooookaaaay… and Chapter 18 of Heroes is up! Whew. Thank you to all the readers who continue to show an interest in this story. It is far from being completed, so there’s still a lot more to happen and look forward to. At the risk of sounding cliché, if you have any comments, questions, criticisms, or words of encouragement, even if it’s just a single word, please don’t be shy to leave a review, or send me an email or private message. I welcome all honest feedback, mainly because it helps me know how the story is going and how much interest in it there is out there.

Alright, now, so what’s happening next? The next chapter of Before We Were Famous needs to be completed, so that’ll be next. Oh, and I might also add another art work on DeviantArt, and post some more stuff on my blog. What else… I’m working on a T.C.-centered one shot which I think you will find to be a little on the unusual side? Though enjoyable nonetheless, I hope. Then there’s the next episode of the Rise of the Decepticons series, as well as the beginning of a collection of ficlets based upon each Heroic Decepticon’s motto. Until then, however, I hope you enjoy Heroes: Chapter 18.

Just a heads up to let everyone know that I am in the process of going through my published stories, one by one, and updating them as needed. If you see a note at the top, something like this: *Revised 09/07/2019* it means that the story has been updated. Revisions may include:

  • Improvements in punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure (minor changes).
  • Minor changes in dialogue or descriptions, for clarity.
  • Minor story changes, for continuity.
  • All references to an Australian Decepticon base will be replaced with references to the North American mainland, or similar. I originally wanted the Decepticon base to be located in Australia, but for the reasons of reconciling continuity issues with other stories, as well as other reasons, I have now decided against this.
  • In the story Before We Were Famous, I have decided to replace the name “Windblade” with “Windspeed”. This is a major change which I was reluctant to make at first, but after giving it some thought I have decided that it will be for the best. The main reason for this change is basically to avoid any confusion with the Autobot canon character of the same name. The Windblade in this story is (or was) most definitely not the Autobot Windblade who is currently gracing our screens, but a Decepticon OC who happened to share her name. So unfortunately, she will no longer be using this name, so that there is no confusion in the minds of readers. (In a similar fashion, the character Knockout in this story is also an OC, and is not the Knockout from Prime, in case you were wondering.)

Hello everyone. So I’ve finished another one-shot called Last Mech Standing, and am posting a chapter a day until all 8 chapters are up. I wrote it in the span of a few days, while I was halfway through writing Episode 5 of Rise of the Decepticons: Imbalance of Power, which I am going back to finish now.

The idea for Last Mech Standing, if you want to know, was distracting me so I had to get it out of my head. It goes something like this: what would happen if we were to take two diametrically different characters (Starscream and Scavenger) and put them in a situation together… that forced them to play a deadly game… against a bunch of other strange or dangerous characters… and with no obvious way of escape… in a race against time? How would the two Heroic Decepticons deal with such a situation?

I originally intended for it to be more of a horror, but it didn’t turn out quite that way. Still, it contains plenty of violence and psychotic characters doing psychotic things. Essentially, it’s a psychological thriller, and yes it is the darkest fic I have written thus far. But please don’t worry if it isn’t your thing – it doesn’t mean that my writing style has changed or become darker or anything like that… nah. I’m still perfectly capable of writing fluffier stuff. I just felt like taking a temporary detour, and delving into something a bit more “adult”. As a fan fiction writer, I like to explore all genres and experiment with different themes and styles. However, if you would like me to write more horror/thrillers for the Heroic Decepticons, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Oh, and besides, who doesn’t want to hear Starscream use the f word and other human expletives freely? Well, I think it’s fun to let him swear, anyway. 😀

On the opposite end of the scale, Imbalance of Power is an important episode in helping to establish some of the reasons behind much of the events that occur in later episodes and series for the Heroic Decepticons, in particular it provides some essential groundwork for the basis of the wars that will be fought against the Autobots later on, including the Great Wars that will take place after the series Rise of the Decepticons ends. This episode offers a number of important insights into the political and economic climate of the time, and correlates the seemingly unrelated energy crisis and resulting planet-wide shutdown with the imbalance of power and corruption that exists among Cybertron’s ruling elite. It is due to be published sometime next week, so look out for it and don’t forget to let me know what you all think.

FYI: I have signed up as an author on Royal Road, where I am posting Transformers: Heroes as a fan fiction web novel. Speaking of said story, it’s a little later than I had hoped but Chapter 17 will be finished next week. Four months has already gone by since the last chapter, wow. Better get busy…

I am currently working on Chapter 17 of Heroes, which I aim to have completed and posted sometime late next week or early into the next.

I hope you all liked The Spark Trap, which is my latest one shot – oh, and by the way if you think you have a great idea on what might happen next and would like to actually write a sequel for it, please let me know and if your version is in alignment with the Heroic Decepticons guidelines (must be stated) then I will credit you as the author.

Thank you greatly to both Starfire201 and Angry Archer for adding this story to their C2 community collection. I am most humbled.

Sometimes when a story or an idea doesn’t flow, it wasn’t meant to be. I’ve decided to drop the G1 meets the Heroic Decepticons Universe idea completely, and I’ll probably never revisit it again. It just isn’t meant to be.

The good news is that now I get to start working on a completely new story, before I get back to the next chapter of Heroes.